QuantumClean is Leading the "Ultra-Clean Parts Revolution"

20 years ago, we recognized that semiconductor chamber parts cleaning missed the “Ultra-Clean Revolution” that are required for all other semiconductor process inputs (i.e. gases, chemicals and silicon).

We recognized every other semiconductor process input is ultra-pure and validated with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) - and now even new parts from the OEM.

We recognized that recycle chamber part cleanliness varies significantly in particle levels and atomic level contamination which affects start-up and process performance.

We recognized that the fab industry's solution was to use their expensive process tools to perform the final cleaning of the parts, using many test wafers, significant metrology and much wasted production time, at a great cost to the fab.

QuantumClean found the missing puzzle piece!

We were the first and continue to be the leader in offering ultra-high purity chamber parts validated analytically with a COA.

The result for our customers?

Chambers start-up faster.  You are back in production sooner. Chambers run more consistently to target.

Ultra-high purity parts cleaning with analytical COAs is your missing piece.