Improving Your Productivity with QuantumClean's Proprietary Performance Coatings

Our proprietary coatings are used primarily for etch and PVD tool parts and used to protect the tool surface as well as aid in layer removal during the cleaning and refurbishment process. Advantages of QuantumClean coatings are:

Sacrificial coatings for PVD applications using TWAS suite of coatings:

> Strong surface adhesion to the part

> Low porosity with rougher surface—improved deposition adhesion

> Clean surface that is low in metallic and organic impurities as well as particles

Protective coatings for etch applications using plasma spray suite of coatings:

> Strong surface adhesion

> Low porosity

> Smooth, hard surface

> Improved resistance to etch products

> Superior di-electric properties

What it means for you?

These coatings along with our proprietary ECP process allow for shorter lead times, longer part life, lower surface contamination, and process enhancements.

What is next from QuantumClean?

QuantumClean is constantly developing new coating, removal, and clean processes in our laboratories and now offer these coatings in most of the major semiconductor locations. We offer a line of C-coats for PVD and M-coat for etch. Work is also on-going for other applications that require a coating or surface modification to lower the CoO for our customers.