We help reduce your cost-of-ownership.

Ultra-high purity parts cleaning with analytical validation improves chamber recovery, reduces tool downtime and increases MTBC.

Reduce costly replacement parts

QuantumClean’s broad variety of cleaning solutions will significantly reduce or eliminate part degradation extending the life of your part — reducing the frequency of costly parts replacement.  Extend the life — reduce your costs!

Faster turnaround times

QuantumClean's industry leading turnaround times reduce customer inventory requirements.  Get back online with faster turnaround times from QuantumClean!

Stop costly shipping of parts for cleaning.  17 global ATCCs ensure a local cleaning solution.

Greater uptime

Ultra-high purity with optimal surface conditioning generates longer Mean Time Between Cleans (MTBC) — saving you millions!

Individually cleaned

Your tool part is treated on an individual basis, with utmost precaution, to meet your specifications.  Our patented Single Part Chemical Clean (SPCC®) technology reduces chemical usage and waste, eliminates cross contamination and extends your part life.  It allows ultra-high purity chemicals to be used in smaller quantities, which is also better for the environment.

Copy exact

World-wide industry support.  Copy exact process transfers ensure that you get the same ultra-high purity process at Advanced Technology Cleaning Centers and ChemTrace analytical testing laboratories throughout the world.