Atomically Clean Surfaces™ - Validated by ChemTrace

We validate ultra-high pure chamber parts through our sister company ChemTrace - a leader in microcontamination analysis since 1993.
> Large global footprint
> Copy exact laboratories ensure identical results globally
> Non-destructive component analysis maintains your parts integrity—first commercial lab to do so

All sites in US, Taiwan and Korea are ISO17025:2005 accredited which means
> Site to site correlations
> Blind third-party accuracy tests
> NIST traceable results

Microcontamination experts assure cleanliness
> Trace metals
> Anions and cations
> Organics
> Particles

Analysis Portfolio
> Chamber parts
> Wafers & depositions
> High-purity water
> High purity & complex chemicals including precursors
> Cleanroom materials
> Cleanroom air